11 May 2020
Gallery Walk
With social distancing measures in place and so many ‘live’ events cancelled or postponed, I feel it is important that we re-imagine how these events might take place online.  The Arts seems like a perfect place to experiment, both because of our district’s incredibly strong arts programs, and because we teach our students that as artists, they have to be as flexible and imaginative as possible.
Hence the Gallery Walk that you are about to experience. Notice I said “experience”, not “watch”. The artwork on display is an immersive experience that reflects our students’ concerns about the pandemic, the human condition, the Earth’s well-being, but also their courage, hope, love and humor.  I could not be more proud! - Kristin B. Heckt
Bolton High School Unity Activity
16 Jan 2020
BHS AP Computer Science, and BCS Robotics & Coding
18 Nov 2019
BHS Donut Club
06 Jan 2020
NEASC Accreditation Visits at BHS
28 Oct 2019
College Fair 2019
09 Oct 2019
Meet Our New Teachers
09 Sep 2019
Graduation Ceremony 2019
23 Jul 2019
BPS Strategic Plan Update, June 2019
19 Jun 2019
Portrait of BHS Music Students
23 Jul 2019
Bolton Foundation Awards & Yearbook Ceremony
23 Jul 2019
Transferable Skills Test
10 Jul 2019
'Personalized' Professional Development
08 May 2019
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